Our Web Site Is Back!

After a difficult 24 hours our Web site has been restored to its former glory, mostly. As of this moment everything is back and running except for a few recent posts and minor “adjustments” and edits. Our crack crew of technical experts solved the problem with a lot of help from –

    • Mike and Justin at LogicalNet for tracking down complex problems associated with DNS, MX records and other esoteric aspects of the Internet and pointing us toward a proper solution.
    • Lowell Knapp, Our Towne Guilderland, and Chamber Board Chairperson for expert technical consultation.
    • Cheryl Lasher, Chamber President, for managing the emergency.
    • Andy at Bluehost.com, our finally curing this extremely perplexing problem and restoring the site from backups after checking the hundreds of technical details.

Over the course of the next couple of days we will be checking the site and making sure that our most recent information has been replaced. If you spot any problems, please feel free to contact us.

And we extend our thanks to our members who spotted the problem in the first place and let us know our site was acting up.

Roger Lipera, Lipera Web Design & Consulting