GCC’s Shared Workspace

GCC’s Very Own Shared Work-space

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to have your own office for your business, or start up? Are you looking to get out of the house a couple times a week to get your work done? Want to come collaborate with other people, or just looking to have some interaction during the business day? Then we have what you’re looking for! We offer low cost, affordable, and easy to get to shared working spaces!

Pay by the month, or by the day!

Shared Work-space Pricing
LEVEL 1: Executive office
$200 /mo. Dedicated desk and can keep your stuff there. Includes: desk, keys, WiFi, business address (Suite 216a and 216b) Use of Fax, Scanner, Nominal printing.Exec Office

Benefits of monthly package:  Dedicated desk, Includes: Keys, WiFi, Business address Use of Fax, Scanner, Nominal Printing, great vicinity to stores, coffee shops, gyms, and FREE and easy parking. Great location!

Shared work-space co-habitants on monthly plans will pay by automatic debit in the beginning of the month.

GuilderofficeLEVEL 2 Guilderoffice package
$175 per month
Dedicated desk, can keep your stuff there. Includes: Keys, WiFi, business address (Suite 218a, Suite 218b) Use of Fax, Scanner, Nominal Printing.

Conference Room:
$75 for the whole day or $20 per hour.
If you add an extra $100 to your membership per year, we also offer unlimited conference room use (schedule permitting).

Additional Options:
Rent an entire office. Level 1 cost=$400
Level 2 Cost=$350
Day Pass – (if a desk is available) $25

This offer is available to non-members as well.  Or if a non-member just wants the conference room tier with no other benefits, its $150 for conference room use when its available.

For more information, Contact Briana Lampman, Membership Associate (518) 456-6611 • blampman@guilderlandchamber.com
All applicants for monthly or long-term leases will have to undergo a credit check.

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