Doctor Kinkaid is offering FREE Consultation & Examinations During February 2017

Kincaid LogoWoman suffers with Muscular Dystrophy for 20 years –
until she discovers Chiropractic MIRACLE

In honor of Maya, Doctor Kinkaid is offering
FREE Consultation and Examinations during the month of February 2017.

Maya was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy in 1996. She was in her 30’s and lived with her husband, Jake. Little did she know that over the next 20 years, she would continue to get worse each day, and Jake would be the one to pick up the slack.

Shortly after being diagnosed, Maya’s condition deteriorated and she was forced to stop working.  She could no longer go to the grocery store or perform many household chores.  She even had to stop attending her church, where her brother was a Pastor. In addition to working a full-time job, Maya’s husband took over all of the shopping, cooking, and cleaning, as well as Maya’s daily care.

Maya and Jake’s family life was greatly impacted by her illness.  They did not go out to eat often because of her difficulty with walking and getting in and out of the car.  Maya reports that at family events, she would be unable to help clean up because she could not stand for more than about a minute at a time.

The only thing that Maya could do to help relieve the burden on her husband was the laundry on Sunday’s. Maya took great pride in her ability to do the laundry because it was all that she had left. She would not accept assistance and was insistent that she would complete the laundry, even when her husband offered to help when he saw her struggling. Every Monday, Maya’s body would pay the price for her efforts to do the laundry. She would be extremely sore and have so much back pain that she would lay in her bed the majority of the day, feeling helpless. While the rest of the world continued to move at the speed of light, Maya continued to get worse.



In April 2016 Jake began chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain and the inability to lift his arm past 90 degrees. Jake quickly experienced notable improvement, and began to wonder if chiropractic care could lead to an improvement for Maya as well.  Jake stated, “We have been to countless doctors. I was so desperate to find a doctor somewhere in the world that could help my wife.  Since I experienced such relief from chiropractic care, we knew we had to try chiropractic care for my wife, too.”

Maya began chiropractic care in May 2016.  At that time, Maya walked very slowly due to her severe muscle weakness and associated low back pain. She often had to stop to lean on the wall or a chair to rest.  During her initial examination, Maya’s muscles were tested and all of her muscles were graded 2/5. (See grading rubric) To get in and out of the car, Maya used her hands to pick up her legs because her leg muscles were too weak to lift on their own. Maya reports that she was unable to get out of bed on her own and was dependent on her husband to help her.

Maya felt very comfortable with Dr. Kinkaid from day one, noting that Dr. Kinkaid was very patient and was very helpful. Dr. Kinkaid did a combination of things to care for Maya including heat therapy, stretching, muscle work and, of course, adjusting. At first, Maya reported lots of soreness after receiving care.  Her muscles were out of practice.  Shortly after, she found that she was no longer sore.

After only three months under Dr. Kinkaid’s care, Maya was able to get in and out of the car without using her arms to pick up her legs!  When her muscles were retested, almost all of the muscles were rated a 5/5 (normal), with only two muscles rating 4/5. Maya was able to begin going to the grocery store and to church. She was also able to get out of bed with more ease, as well as roll from front to back without getting out of breath.

Maya’s story is miraculous since chiropractic care is not known to “treat” Muscular Dystrophy. Dr. Kinkaid states, “We have gotten some pretty amazing results that were life changing for Maya. I would love to see if we can help others who have been diagnosed with conditions that negatively affect their lives.”

In honor of Maya, Doctor Kinkaid is offering FREE Consultation and Examinations during the month of February 2017.

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