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The Guilderland Chamber of Commerce is small enough to know you, yet large enough to serve you. Our staff is available to answer your questions and tell you about the Chamber and our events.

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  • Address: Guilderland Chamber of Commerce
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Erika Gauthier, President

Linda Fahd, Member Associate

Request an Information Packet

Are you thinking about moving to the Guilderland or one of our neighboring communities in the Capital Region? We have an information packet loaded with details about businesses, communities, organizations, entertainment, and other lifestyle topics. The packet is free (there is a nominal shipping charge).
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Request a Map

We also offer our popular Guilderland Town Map for free. There is a shipping and handling charge. This is a large-scale easy to read map that is perfect for both long time residents and visitors.

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Request a Business Directory

The Altamont, Guilderland, Voorhesville Area Business Directory

The Guilderland Chamber of Commerce offer the Altamont, Guilderland, Voorheesville Area Business Directory for free to those who request it. The directory lists member businesses and lists contact information for local community resources. There is a small shipping and handling charge.

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The Ten Eyke Group

NAI Platform Realty

Google Business View is an offshoot of the popular Google Street View

MPR Execavations

Guilderland Chamber Events!

The Website for all information about what is happening in our town!

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