Our Ambassadors serve as mentors and chamber representatives during the year. They are a dedicated group of professionals who are active members and help spread the word about the Chamber. They also act as a liaison between the chamber and current and prospective members.

Would you like to apply to be an ambassador? Please call the chamber at (518)456-6611 or download the application here (PDF).

Ambassador Q & A:

What do you get out of being an ambassador?

  • Increased name and face recognition
  • Increased networking opportunities
  • Opportunity to connect one-on-one with new and existing Chamber members
  • Increased referral opportunities through other Ambassadors and one-on-one contact with members
  • Potential media coverage from attendance at Chamber events
  • Gain an insider’s perspective of the local business community
  • Opportunity to meet local business and community leaders
  • Chance to help the community and show community pride
  • Recognition via the newsletter and website

What are the Ambassador Objectives?

  • Attend program meetings whenever possible –
    • To help facilitate communication between the chamber and businesses in the community
    • Serve as a representative of the Chamber by regularly attending Chamber events
  • Understand and be able to communicate Chamber membership benefits–
    • Through Orientation and on-going training, you should become familiar with everything the Chamber has to offer. If people have questions about the Chamber, be prepared to provide answers or direct them to the Chamber Staff.
  • Facilitate communication between the Chamber Staff and membership –
    • If you encounter a member with an issue or see a trend (positive or negative) during your interactions with members, always communicate this information to the Chamber staff. Likewise, make sure to communicate messages from the Chamber leadership to members as appropriate.
  • “Network” for fellow Chamber members by promoting their products and services–
    • The Chamber’s first priority is it’s Chamber members. Whenever possible, we recommend Chamber member’s products and services.
  • Serve as a liaison between the Chamber and new members –
    • New members often have interesting perspectives. They may offer ideas from other Chambers they belonged to or may share expectations as a new member. Always listen to what they have to say and assure them you will pass their comments on to the Chamber staff.
  • Represent your business or organization as well as the Chamber–
    • An important part of being an Ambassador is representing your business. You are encouraged to wear your business name tag and should use your business or organization name when introducing yourself to others and add that you are also a Chamber Ambassador.