About Pigtacular!

Pigtacular was a Guilderland Chamber of Commerce event that featured the participation of businesses, artists, and individuals from all over the Capital Region. It was centered on our own community, Guilderland, but attracted attention from around the world.

Guilderland has a rich heritage of farming. One product of particular note was the extensive raising of pigs and hogs. Indeed, a portion of the Crossgates Mall sits on what was once the location of a pig farm. Gipp Road is named after a family of prominent farmers. Farther toward the west end of town there are pig and hog farms to this very day.

Starting with the Pignic in the Park, in Altamont, in May of 2006 through Piglet’s Story Part at the Mall, and winding up with Hogtoberfest in the Fall, Pigtacular brought together diverse elements for a knockout event.

Over $27,000 was raised for charity when the artistically decorated hogs were auctioned off at Hogtoberfest.
The galleries of photos, at the links below, provide pictora (or should we say “pigtoral”) highlights that we are sure you will enjoy. By the way, the t-shirts and calendars have since become collector’s items!